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For Miri and her family, life in Warsaw is full of simple joys. The smell of freshly baked challah, the promise of summer holidays, and Fridays when everyone comes together to celebrate the Sabbath. But when the Germans march into Warsaw with their campaign of hatred against the Jews, Miri and her family must move to the ghetto. One by one her family are taken from her, and Miri finds herself alone. Based on true events, Within These Walls gives a realistic account of what it was like to be a Jewish child in Warsaw during the Holocaust.

  • Winner of the 2018 WAYBRA Book of the Year for older readers

  • Shortlisted for the 2017 CBCA Book of the Year for younger readers

“…a wrenching story of survival amidst the horrors of the Holocaust. All events are based on things which really happened. Within These Walls makes this disturbing part of history accessible to children.”

Sally Murphy, Aussie Reviews


“Within These Walls is constrained in its visual detail and emotion, dealing with the observable events and reactive responses of those under threat without graphic elaboration. This in no way lessens the impact of the story; indeed, it brings a deeper understanding of the pragmatism that Miri must adopt to survive… This novel raises some interesting ethical dilemmas… which could form the basis for some interesting debate and discussion amongst Bavati’s target audience of young people of 11 years plus… and their parents, teachers and friends. …I learned so much of the history… without being bogged down by facts and figures.”

Jennifer Mors, Reading Time

“In many ways this book is fascinating. It introduces us to many Polish and Jewish traditions. Bavati’s depiction of the times… is bound to throw up questions for the inquisitive reader. This story will be enjoyed by early teens who enjoy historical fiction. It would work well as a companion book to other titles such as The Diary of Anne Frank...”

Robyn English, ALEA

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