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Adopted as babies by different families, Simone and Hannah have never known they are identical twins. Simone has been raised as a dancer, but she hates performing. Hannah loves nothing more than dance, but her parents see it as just a hobby. When the two girls meet for the first time at age fifteen, they choreograph a plan to switch places and change the role dance plays in their lives. Yet fooling their friends and family is more challenging than either girl expected.

How long can Simone and Hannah keep pretending? What will happen when the truth is revealed?

“Mistaken identity and trouble-making twins, mixed up with a good dose of teenage angst are the subjects of this well-structured and entertaining novel for lower to middle secondary students… a fluent and entertaining novel with serious themes at its core.”

Clare Kennedy, Viewpoint


“If The Parent Trap were set at a dance school, you’d have this story… the separated-at-birth story and plenty of grand pliés make for a winning combination.”

Anne Kelley, Booklist



“The Parent Trap goes to the ballet… Just like the Disney film, there’s clean fun as sisters bond and romance builds.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Australian author Bavati's novel speaks both to young dancers who can relate to Hannah's sheer joy for ballet and her endless energy to practice and perform, as well as to those who will understand Simone's jaded attitude, due to her professional training and the accompanying pressure. Even readers less personally invested in dance can appreciate Bavati's treatment of newly discovered sisterhood and the twins' Parent Trap–like scheme.”

Publishers Weekly

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