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Dancing in The Dark


…a subtle first novel about familial loyalties and individuality… It's an intriguing glimpse into a singular culture; the persuasive depiction of Ditty's internal conflicts distinguishes Bavati's debut

Within These Walls is constrained in its visual detail and emotion, dealing with the observable events and reactive responses of those under threat without graphic elaboration. This in no way lessens the impact of the story; indeed, it brings a deeper understanding of the pragmatism that Miri must adopt to survive… This novel raises some interesting ethical dilemmas… which could form the basis for some interesting debate and discussion amongst Bavati’s target audience of young people of 11 years plus… and their parents, teachers and friends. …I learned so much of the history… without being bogged down by facts and figures.

If The Parent Trap were set at a dance school, you’d have this story… the separated-at-birth story and plenty of grand pliés make for a winning combination


Robyn Bavati is the award-winning author of Dancing in the Dark, Pirouette and Within These Walls. Shortlisted in several children’s choice awards, Dancing in the Dark was a 2011 CBCA Notable Book, a 2014 Sydney Taylor Honour Book, and was on the Year 8 English curriculum at a number of schools. Within These Walls was a 2017 CBCA Shortlisted Book, winner of the 2018 WAYRBA award, and has been studied by school children around Australia. Robyn’s forthcoming novel, A Weekend With Oscar, will be published in 2021. Robyn lives in Melbourne and is the mother of three grown-up children. An experienced presenter and active member of Toastmasters International, she enjoys public speaking. She loves visiting schools to run writing workshops and discuss her work.


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